About Us

Grant Davis |

Grant Davis worked for a small boutique hedge fund where he managed nearly $100 million dollars in investor money. He traded equities – both long and short. Bought private equity debt. Futures. Commodities. Currencies.

But that’s not the most impressive part of Grant’s track record.

He bought Amazon in 2004 when it was trading under $5. He bought Netflix at $27 dollars in 2013. And he put a six-figure sum of his own money to work in 2009 during the Great Recession when no one wanted to buy stocks.

To say he’s a contrarian is an understatement.

I (Peter Sayles) have been trading stocks for over a decade as well. I worked for one of the largest financial publishing companies in the world, and researched and recommended stocks to an email list of over 50,000. I mainly focused on small cap stocks and big picture macro bets.

Readers who took our advice had the chance to make 95% gains on Twitter. 97% on Pandora. 221% on Yelp. 239% on Tesla. And over 250% on LinkedIn.

But we’re not here to brag. We’re doing this to share our knowledge with you. We’re going to show you how to read between the lines…and how to look at stocks and charts objectively.

But most importantly… how to make money.

Especially in the late stages of this bull market. We’re not in the game of predicting were the markets will go… but we want to make sure you make money when the market goes up… down… and even sideways.