Helix TCS. (HLIX) Wins Contract To Track Illinois’ New Opioid Alternative Program

Peter Sayles |

More great news continues to come for Helix – and its subsidiary BioTrackTHC.

Illinois will use BioTrackTHC’s software to track medical cannabis’ supply chain across the state for its new Opioid Program.

The Opioid epidemic is a massive problem in the U.S.

Here is a list of overall drug overdose deaths in the U.S. over the past 20 years (2018 still to be determined).

Total Overdose Deaths Rising Fast

And here is the rise in deaths from Opioids specifically.

Opioid Deaths Are Rising Exponentially Faster

More than 300,000 people have died from opioids since 2000.

Overdose deaths – especially opioid related – are rising fast. Too fast. To a point most politicians have no idea how to reasonably combat the situation.

Trump declared the opioid crises a National Emergency Crisis in 2017 because the numbers are increasing too fast. (There are a lot more sobering charts here by the CDC.

Illinois is starting to see its opioid related deaths soar. Deaths from its state is rising faster than the national average.

Illinois’ Opioid Deaths Getting Out Of Control

Illinois – like the country as a whole – needs to find a way to get ahead of this problem.

So it’s turning to BioTrackTHC as one of its solutions.

You see, studies show states which legalized cannabis reduce the number of opioid users. And, therefore, the number of opioid related deaths.

Essentially the easier the access to cannabis, the lower the rate doctors prescribe the opioids themselves.

Illinois knows how solid BioTrackTHC’s software is. It already in contract with BioTrackTHC to track is legal medical cannabis supply chain.

So Illinois logically signed a contract with BioTrackTHC to track cannabis distribution among its patients within the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program.

This is yet another contract Helix won. It is expected to win New York’s contract as it moves towards legalization – which could bring state tax revenues upwards of $300 million annually.

Helix is the market leader in tracking the entire supply chain of cannabis. We expect it to continue to win most major contracts. Which will contribute to massive revenue growth.

It is why it is the number one position in our portfolio.