Delaware Extends Cannabis Tracking Contract with Helix TCS (HLIX)

Grant Davis |

Helix released yet another press release with good news.

The state of Delaware renewed its contract with Helix TCS (HLIX) for another two years. The contract is for Delaware to use Helix’s BioTrackTHC software.

BioTrackTHC software provides reliable traceability on the entire cannabis production cycle: front seed to sale.

Governments around the world are turning to Helix for BioTrackTHC.

Helix just announced a launch in North Dakota. Illinois just started using BioTrack as well to track its new opioid program.

All told, Helix operates nine government tracking systems. It also works with Puerto Rico and the city of Arcata, California.

Things are only going to get better for Helix. It just brought on former Mexican President Vicente Fox to its board of directors.

Fox will help Helix expand all across Latin and South America.

Helix is one of the best cannabis companies in the world. It’s why it’s our #1 position. (We recently closed a 1/3 position for a 95% gain).

There’s a lot more room for Helix to run too. Click here to check out our original recommendation.