Invest In The World’s Most Disruptive Companies

Mighty builds an actively managed stock portfolio of the most disruptive companies in the world. Our goal is to help our investors build wealth faster.


Mighty Is A Simple, Yet Intelligent Investing App

We sweat all of the small details. From our proprietary models that help us identify disruptive companies, to automated investing that keeps your portfolio growing.

Stock Selection

We spend countless hours researching every stock you own

Mighty Research

We keep you in the know with weekly write-ups and research

Full Transparency

You know exactly what you own and can track every detail

Automated Investing

Take advantage of every opportunity in the market with automated investing


How Mighty Invests Your Money

Disruptors are a rare breed of company. These are stocks that we invest in early and, ideally, hold forever.

  • Revolutionary ideas in emerging sectors
  • Large total addressable market with growing market penetration
  • Strong growth that can be sustained for 3+ years
  • Hold them for at least three years. Ideally forever - Warren Buffet style.

Trophy Stocks are the foundation of our strategy and aim to provide a balance of stability, growth and income to a client's portfolio.

  • Consistent and sustainable revenue growth
  • Established product or service in a growing market
  • Low competition or defensible position
  • Ideally, pays dividends that increase annually

Hedges are a basket of defensive securities that will attempt to protect your portfolio during times of volatility and prolonged downturns.

  • Ideally, hedges will rise while the market falls
  • May produce income regardless of whether the market rises or falls
  • May reduce losses during times of prolonged downturns

Get Invested In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Create An Account

An account takes less than one minute to create. We timed it…promise!

Step 2
Build A Profile

Answer a few simple questions about your financial goals; we’ll create your portfolio.

Step 3
Fund Your Account

We use Plaid to securely transfer funds from your bank account to your Mighty account.

Built For The Busy Professional

Building Passive Wealth

Our generation is busy living their best life. Mighty is building its platform to help you build passive wealth through stocks, real estate, and alternative assets.

Staying Informed

We may not have the time to invest on our own, but we still want to remain informed. Our research provides a unique view into every stock in your portfolio.

Interests Aligned

Ever wonder if the folks investing your money have “skin in the game”? Mighty’s founders have a significant amount of their liquid net worth invested in a Mighty portfolio.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should invest with Mighty?

Our ideal customer is someone who doesn’t have the time or experience to manage their investments. They want to invest their money into the world’s most innovative and promising companies, and remain informed of how each stock is performing through simple, digestable research.

Our minimum investment is $2,000. There are no lock-up periods, so your money is accessible when you need it.

You sure can. Clients can transfer a Traditional, Roth or Simple IRA to Mighty. You can also roll over an old 401(k) retirement to Mighty. Please email us to start a rollover.

Mighty’s Flagship portfolio is managed the way we’d manage our own money. It’s why we’ve invested a significant sum of our own money into the portfolio. We have skin in the game.

We simply couldn't find a platform and strategy like Mighty's in the market, so we built it and made it available to everyone. Our primary goal is to build trust with you through high quality interactions and radical transparency. We strive to educate, overcommunicate, and deliver a superior investing experience that can't be found elsewhere.

Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re here to help!

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